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  • Our access to 3,600 sources for Bearings, Power Transmission and Casting Mills, enables us to provide you with an array of all types, ranges, qualities and sizes of these products.
  • We have crafted personal relationships with each of our manufacturers and vendors, which allows us to have prioritized service.
  • We are able to respond quickly to all inquiries, however complicated they are
  • Our strength is our reliability and consistent vendors to our customers.
  • Drawings: Can be provided as needed.
  • All bearings can be Numerated with a Corresponding QC / Inspection reports.
  • All bearings can be marked with your Brand Name and Packaging: Industrial Packaging, Single Box, Telescopic Single Boxes for heavier bearings, Plywood Crates with Aluminum Strips.
  • You can visit the factories, Inspect, Audit, or whatever you need, with us or by yourself.
  • We have a Warehouse in China where we can merge small shipments from our miscellaneous vendors, and if need be, packed in whichever format you need as well as your specific markings, Vacuum Packed and Single Boxed.
  • If you order your own Single Boxes, with your Logo and Artwork, we can store them for you, for future use.


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